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As the heading suggests, this page contains information about the latest changes to my site. So far not too many...

16 April, 2001
Due to the lack of time I have to discontinue updating the English version of Yesomania. I decided to put all my efforts in development of the Polish version. There are many brilliant sources of information on the Net, some of them you may find on the Links page.

6 July, 2000
[Cup of Wonder Award]Yesomania has been chosen for the "Cup of Wonder Award". ...this site is very well designed, easy to navigate and most of all offers great quality of information...

30 June, 2000
There are over 40 new photos! The Troopers will enjoy the pictures from the Yessongs tour (1972) - the band, musicians with families, backstage etc. For those, who are interested in the present appeareance of the group, there is a couple of images from the tourbook, sold during the Canadian shows in the 1999.

27 April, 2000
Minor update: lyrics of The More You Know and Angels Embrace (typed by Marek Jedlinski) have been added, as well as the full version of the Animation cover (submitted by Janusz Maslowski).

20 April, 2000
The English version of Yesomania has been reedited by Marek Jedlinski...

29 March, 2000
Over 20 live photos have been added. On three separate pages you'll find the meeting between Polish fans and Yes in Katowice, photos from Poznan, and the latest - Yesshow in Berlin (16.03.2000)
There are also two new wallpapers - YesCartoon and ABWH.

31 January, 2000
A separate page for Chris Squire has been added. His solo album, "Fish Out Of Water" is also described. Thanks to Mariusz Niedziolko We now have all the British catalog numbers in the discography.

3 January, 2000
A couple of Polish fans have managed to put "Lightning Strikes" on the national chart. If you want to help us keeping Yes on the chart - read about how to vote!

13 December, 1999
I must admit, the Polish version remains most important to me, so there are only minor changes in the English version...
  • A new section starts! I put the complete solo discography and lyrics of Jon Anderson (as well as Jon&Vangelis).
  • The main site was changed - I added the search engine and descriptions of the sections.
  • I improved the navigation system between albums.
  • Two further wallpapers were added.

20 October, 1999
The most important is, I think, my review of "The Ladder" and complete information about this album. Lyrics are also available. The gallery has a new part - photos from the Polish show in Katowice.

17 July, 1999
At last! I found some spare hours in which to update this site:

6 April, 1999
New part of Gallery: Roger Dean.

7 February, 1999
The English version starts! Yet, the most basic sections: News, Discography, a few words about musicians, Gallery of photos and useful links. I also added the Info page, FAQs and the page you're now reading - news about updates to the whole site.

15 October, 1998
I changed the server and began to do "YES po polsku !", a website wholly devoted to Yes, in Polish.

29 April, 1998
The beginning. First articles about Yes on my home page.

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