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Note: The news section is no longer updated!

Please, check the Henry Potts' Where are they now? site.


  Billy Sherwood is no longer Yes musician. Finally! This chucklehead has been revolving round the group for over ten years. He was a vocalist (during Anderson's absence in the ABWH era), guitarist on the Talk tour, then he played keyboards on the Open Your Eyes album (and that was the reason why Howe described OYE as "disaster"). On The Ladder, Sherwood's part (as guitarist again) was less visible although he remained "the bad boy". According to the official announcement "Billy's departure is on amicable terms". There are however gossips that he was forced to resign by Steve Howe.

  Lucky Americans! Yes will be touring in the summer and they intend to play "The Revealing Science of God", "Ritual", "Awaken" and even "Gates of Delirium". The Masterworks Tour has been preceded by the online pool, where fans were able to pick out their favourites.


 Yes did not play in Poland, after all. They planned to perform two shows, but the Polish concert agency, apparently a bit amateurish, was only able to arrange one, so they canceled. :(

 The band is planning to run their own ... TV station. They will broadcast archive shows, videos etc, on the Net.

 Jon Anderson admitted in one of the recent interviews that Trevor Rabin is interested in rejoining the band. Hopefully, he would replace Billy...

 The album of the Conspiracy duo (Chris Squire and Billy Sherwood) has been released.

 Steve Howe will release another archive album, titled "Homebrew 2." It is reported to contain demo versions of known Yes songs and his solo tracks.


 On the official Jon Anderson's site - OpioWorld, fans can sign the petition to release "Animation" on CD.

 On the 31st of January, a special 2-CD version of "The Ladder" was released in Europe. Each copy is individually numbered. The bonus CD contains live performances of "Homeworld" and "The Messenger" and live video footage of "All Good People". A special poster will be added. The price is announced to be the same as of the original edition.


 On the 2nd of November, the new Yes album was at last released in Poland (bootleg version was available since middle October). This fact needs no comment. Across Europe "The Ladder" has been on sale since September...

 Yesworld has published tour dates for Europe. In February and March the band will visit UK, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria. Poland is not mentioned there, but we can still hope because, according to Tiz Hay - "Further shows may be added"

  "The Ladder" is doing poorly on the charts. In the first week it jumped to the TOP40 in Britain, Germany and Japan and earned only the 99th place in the USA. After two weeks it dropped off the charts...


 "The Ladder" was released in Europe on the 20th September. 2 days later - in Japan and on the 28th in the USA. In Poland it's still unavailable :-(

[New image of the band]

  Yes are touring very intensly, promoting their new album. The September tour of Latin America is now behind us; between mid-October and December they will play in the States. Performances in the UK are scheduled for 2 weeks in February. The continental Europe is still waiting.

It may be interesting to look at the setlists from first concerts. Here are the setlists of the first and the latest show in Latin America.

6 IX 99 - Rio De Janeiro
  1. Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra
  2. Yours Is No Disgrace
  3. New Language
  4. Nine Voices
  5. Perpetual Change
  6. Lightning Strikes
  7. Home World
  8. It Will Be A Good Day
  9. Hearts
  10. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
  11. If Only You Knew
  12. Awaken
  13. Roundabout
  14. To Feel Alive
  15. All Good People
  16. Long Distance Runaround
24 IX 99 - Mexico City
  1. Firebird Suite
  2. Yours Is No Disgrace
  3. America
  4. Time And A Word (excerpt)
  5. Lightning Strikes
  6. Nous Somes Du Solei
  7. And You And I
  8. Home World
  9. Clap
  10. It Will Be A Good Day
  11. Perpetual Change
  12. Alan White Solo
  13. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
  14. Hearts
  15. I've Seen All Good People
  16. Close To The Edge
  17. Roundabout

As we can see, at the beginning, most of the time was devoted to tracks from "The Ladder", nothing strange, since the new album was mostly unknown at the time. Afterwards, many classics were played. In-between some of the songs, Yes played excerpts from "Surival" and "Sweet Dreams". One of the shows, in Santiago (Chile) was cancelled owing to the lack of interest.

  "The Ladder" comes in several editions: basic (number EAGLT 088), enhanced with multimedia tracks (EAGCD 088) and vinyl (double LP). The Japanese edition adds a bonus CD which contains "I've Seen All Good People" and "And You and I" recorded live in 1997.

  "Yes - The Union Tour Live" video was released (for the moment, only in Japan).

  Oscar Caraballo released a record called "Yesterday is Tomorrow" which contains keyboard covers of the following Yes songs: Soon, Heart of the Sunrise, Time and a Word, All Good People, Survival, Onward, Turn of the Century, And You and I, The Ancient, Starship Trooper. However, for orthodox fans those synthetiser melodies may feel somewhat insipid. Further info and samples of the tracks are available from the Ethereal Harmony site.

 Igor Khoroshev released his first album - "Piano Works". It contains only piano music. Igor and Jon are working together on a new album, entitled "True You True Me", scheduled for release at the end of 1999.


 It's official now. 28 September is the release date for "The Ladder", the latest Yes album. Polish fans were made to wait 6 months for "Open Your Eyes" since its European release :-( It's interesting how long we will have to wait this time...

 You can preview the first song from "The Ladder". Yesworld offers a trailer for the game Homeworld, containing the Yes song of the same name. A pity, it is a 4MB MPEG (on the American server) so it is somewhat difficult to download here in Europe. However, some people have heard it and following their opinions, it's rather "poppy," resembles "Big Generator" in the chorus parts. There is also other news about the contents of "The Ladder". The longest piece seems to sound like the second part of "Gates Of Delirium" and it's reported to be better than "Mind Drive".

 During the next tour Yes intend to play "Foot Prints" and "Mind Drive"! The setlists from the last two tours (restricted to well known classics) were dictated by the management.

 Yes will perform together with... Emerson, Lake & Palmer. There's no mistake in the name of the group - Lake is back!


 Bruce Fairbairn is dead. The producer of the group's latest album was found in his house in Vancouver on Monday, May 17. Fairbairn passed away while sleeping.

  Music of Yes will be included in the soundtrack to... a computer game. It is a real-time strategy called "Homeworld". You can find an interview with the musicians at the GameCenter


 Yes are still in studio (how long already?!) and are finishing the recordings. Their new album will contain 8 tracks, including a three-piece suite.

  Rick Wakeman explained (finally!) his reasons for leaving Yes. Interviewed by the British "Classic Rock" magazine Rick said that the other musicians hadn't consulted with him regarding the tour dates. It's rather banal, but the second reason is more serious - during final mixing of "Keys To Ascension 2" some of his parts were removed, for example the beginning of 'Children Of Light'.


 The title of new Yes album is reported to be "The Millenium Child". It will be released in early spring. Bruce Fairbairn asked how the album would sound said: "Most times, surround ideas get put into play when people mix. They haven't composed, arranged, or produced with that in mind. But Jon Anderson brought it up when we were talking about the Yes record. It'll be an interesting road to walk down."

[Sherwood and Anderson]

 Yes are recording their new album! Rehearsals began in November in Vancouver, Canada. After a Christmas break the musicians returned to the studio to finish preparing the songs and to record them. The album is produced by Bruce Fairbairn, known for his collaboration with INXS, Van Halen, Kiss, The Cranberries and Bon Jovi. The name of the album is unknown at this time, but there have been rumours about "Fragile 2". On the right you can see two photos from Vancouver. More on the Yesworld site.

[Squire and Khoroshev]

 On 3rd December 1998 only one show gave The Buggles. You remember of course that two members of Buggles, Geoff Downes and Trevor Horn joined Yes to record "Drama". Horn was also producer of Yes albums in 80's. What is strange, the only performed song was famous "Video Killed The Radio Star". Detailed review has been written by Henry Potts.

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