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Yes on the Internet

Here you can find the sites on the Net related to Yes, which are (I hope) worth visiting.

    Around the world...

  • Yesworld - the official Yes website. Good discography, many photos, concert reviews section. There are also official sites of musicians related to the group, including Peter Banks.
  • Yeshoo! - the largest directory of links, quite well arranged.
  • Notes From The Edge - if you are a Yes fan, you should subscribe the NFTE magazine delivered by email. There are also archives, a search engine, etc.
  • The FAQ - all you ever wanted to know about Yes but were afraid to ask...
  • Where are they now? - the site (part of a.m.y. FAQ) maintained by Henry Potts contains up-to-date information about current events related to Yes and members of the band.
  • Forgotten Yesterdays - reviews, photos and memorabilia from ALL Yes tours. Really brilliant work.
  • Yesman's Museum of Yes - very good place to begin your Yes adventure on the Internet. Many articles from 70's newspapers, lots of photos...
  • Yescography - detailed discography, compiled by Matt Putzel.
  • Yes Family Tree - a humorous history of Yes.
  • Another Yes Site - the author analyses Jon's lyrics and philosophy from the Christian point of view.

    ... and in Poland

  • Yes section on Green Pages maintained by Piotr Bizacki - detailed discography and lyrics. There's also a Jon Anderson section.
  • Yes Collectors CDs - information about countless Yes bootlegs collected by Janusz Groth.
  • [New!] Progressive Rock Bootlegs - new version of Janusz's site.
  • Largactil Café - there you can read some reviews of Polish concerts. There are also archives of articles by Christopher Currie and a Yes-Haiku Generator.

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