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Jon Anderson - on a separate page!

[It's new!] Chris Squire - on a separate page!

[Steve Howe]Steve Howe, born on 8th April 1947 is a virtuoso of the guitar, although his virtuosity is sometimes attacked by Yes-enemies. His always looks a bit nasty ;) - just look at the picture.

Solo albums:
  1. Beginnings - 1975
  2. The Steve Howe Album - 1979
  3. Turbulence - 1991
  4. The Grand Scheme Of Things - 1993
  5. Not Necessarily Acoustic - 1994
  6. Mothballs - 1994
  7. Homebrew - 1996
  8. Quantum Guitars - 1998
Also in the 80's Steve played in Asia and made one album with Steve Hackett, called "GTR" (that was the name of their duet).
[Alan White]

Alan White, the drummer, born on 14th June 1949 was a valued session musician and played, for instance, with John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band. He's been with Yes since 1972. Alan released only one solo album - Ramshackled (1976).

[Billy Sherwood]

Billy Sherwood was the co-producer of several recent Yes albums, and in the case of "Open Your Eyes" he's also a musician and a composer. Born in 1966, he's the youngest Yes member today. Before joining Yes Billy was the leader of World Trade and made two records: World Trade (1989) and Euphoria (1995). In May 2000 he left the band.

[Igor Khoroshev]

Igor Khoroshev was born in 1965. He's a Russian but lives in Boston. Yes music was his love since childhood and now his dreams became true - he plays keyboards for Yes. Khoroshev is also known as a co-developer of the popular music program Cakewalk.

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