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Jon Anderson

Jon Anderson was born on 25th October 1944 in Accrington. [Jon Anderson] I don't know anything about his education. He started work early - at the age of 17 he worked on a farm, and later as a lorry driver. In 1965 with brother Tony and his friends he sang in the group called The Warriors. They even released one single, but without any success. He tried to launch a solo career as Hans Christian. Afterwards came the Yes era. In the 70's he was the unquestionable leader of the band. His unique, high-pitched voice became the signature of the Yes music. Jon is especially interested in Latin America and American Indians.

We must not forget about his solo recordings. Although they bear little similarity to Yes music, they keep many Yesfans under a spell. Anderson's albums surprise with their variety. From New Age ("Angels Embrace"), through Irish folk ("The Promise Ring"), latino rhythms ("Deseo"), sophisticated pop (duo Jon&Vangelis), to... the hiphop stylings of ("The More You Know").

Below you will find a list of Anderson's all officially released solo albums, and those on which he collaborated with Vangelis. As you have probably noticed - there are only few ratings - basically, I don't know all the records yet.

  1. Olias of Sunhillow - 1976    [Lyrics]
  2. (Jon&Vangelis) Short Stories - 1980    [Lyrics]
  3. Song of Seven - 1980 ****+    [Lyrics]
  4. (Jon&Vangelis) The Friends Of Mr. Cairo - 1981 ****+    [Lyrics]
  5. Animation - 1983    [Lyrics]
  6. (Jon&Vangelis) Private Collection - 1983    [Lyrics]
  7. (Jon&Vangelis) The Best Of Jon And Vangelis - 1984 *****    [Lyrics]
  8. Three Ships - 1985    [Lyrics]
  9. In The City Of Angels - 1988    [Lyrics]
  10. (Jon&Vangelis) Page Of Life - 1991 ****    [Lyrics]
  11. Deseo - 1994
  12. Change We Must - 1994 ****+    [Lyrics]
  13. Angels Embrace - 1995
  14. Toltec - 1996 *****+    [Lyrics]
  15. The Promise Ring - 1997 ****    [Lyrics]
  16. EarthMotherEarth - 1997    [Lyrics]
  17. The More You Know - 1998 ***

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